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Susanne's father John James is the proprietor and architect of Loyalist Lamp Works of Prince Edward County, Ontario.

In 1865, the Redner family farm, County Store, and apple orchard comprised the heart and soul of tiny Rednersville on the Bay of Quinte’s northern shoreline in beautiful Prince Edward County. This area was home for many of the displaced United Empire Loyalists.

Each lamp is truly a ‘one-off’ custom: created, signed, and numbered by Mr. James, who lives on the former Redner family’s orchard property. Bases come from recycled apple trees in the 150-year-old Redner orchard, or from customer-supplied pieces.

Wiring is ingeniously contained within the wood shaft and base. The invisible connection between base and light socket provides owners with a truly mesmerizing conversation piece which also serves as a beautiful lamp that quietly warms up any home it lives in.

The spectacular shafts are local Corkscrew Willow branches, driftwood, or customer-supplied branches. The lamps make unique personal keepsakes, and great gifts for special occasions. Commission requests are welcomed.

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