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Miskwabi Area Cottagers' Association (MACA)

MACA Cottagers' Guide
For owners, visitors, and renters

A PDF version of this Guide is available here.


The purpose of this Guide is to suggest ways to help preserve our lakes' serenity and beauty and protect our forests, shorelines and waters so that there is enjoyment for all. If you rent/loan your cottage we encourage you to post this guide for visitors to see and to encourage them to follow these guidelines.


Urbanization of the shoreline environment is discouraged. Natural shoreline preservation is integral to our lakes' health as it provides a buffer against contaminants entering the water. All bylaws regarding these areas must be observed by everyone. (e.g. the County's Shoreline Preservation bylaw which prohibits removal of trees within 30 metres of the lake).

Ensure that septic systems are functioning correctly. Watch "Poop Talk - It's All About the Water" at for helpful septic information.

Avoid the use of fertilizers.

Help keep "invasive species" out of our lakes by complying with guidelines for launching watercraft coming from other locations. Ensure your boat is clean and dry before launching. Do not empty boat bilges or bait buckets in the lakes.

Limit the risk of forest fires by using extreme care and always be in compliance with burning regulations as directed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Municipality of Dysart et al.

Every effort should be made to preserve the habitat of wildlife with which we share our lakes and forests.


All property owners have the fundamental right to the quiet enjoyment of their surroundings. Intrusive noise likely to disturb neighbours (like loud music or fireworks) is discouraged. Preserving a quiet environment requires special consideration during the evening and night when sounds easily carry across the water.

Always take care when operating a watercraft and obey the no alcohol on-board laws.

Fireworks can be exciting, but they disturb wildlife, other property owners and the environment and therefore are discouraged. However if you wish to use fireworks every effort should be made to ensure the safety of all environs - human, water, forest and wildlife. NOTE: Fire Bans Include Fireworks.

To protect the environment from lighting pollution, property owners should keep illumination to a minimum, try not to place spotlights where they may shine over the lake or be highly visible from other properties.


Garbage: Keeping our roadways clear of garbage and debris is strongly encouraged. The Municipal landfill site at 222 Industrial Park Road, Haliburton, is the closest location for disposal of all waste and recycling.

Watercraft: Watercraft should be operated at safe speeds and away from the shoreline to help prevent erosion. A boat speed of 10 km/hr or less is required within 30 metres of the shoreline.

Clean Water: No soaps and shampoos of any kind in the lakes will help preserve our clean and clear water.

Fishing: A "catch and release" policy and "lead-free" fishing is encouraged.


Using this guide will help all of us preserve and protect the beauty and tranquility of Long, Miskwabi, Negaunee and Wenona Lakes so that they may remain as places, for future generations, of striking natural beauty where the mind is nourished and the spirit calmed.

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